The river I use for fishing tuition is a spring and rain feed river rising in Liss, which flows out at Littlehampton. The syndicated section is about three miles long, most of which is double banked. It has a natural head of wild brown trout and a run of sea trout as well as grayling and chub. The Estate stocks the river annually with about 1,500 mature trout and over the last few years put in 50,000 fingerlings.

A course of fly-fishing tuition on the river consists of three sessions each lasting about 2½ hour. Although they may be taken in one day, they are more usually – and usefully - spread over a few weeks. This gives the participant an opportunity to fish the river in various styles and in different conditions. I cover all aspects of fly-fishing for trout and this is by far the most popular course, giving as it does a real introduction to fly-fishing. Many of my clients re-book for further and more advanced fishing tuition.
For those not seeking a full course, lesson may be booked individually. Lessons are tailor-made to suit individual requirements such as checking out casting faults with the use of a single or double-handed rod, knots, river craft and the rudiments of salmon and sea trout fishing. Individual lessons cost £75. The course of three lessons costs £195. Additional guests at these sessions are charged at 50% of the price. Tackle can be provided. Dogs are not allowed.
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